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Phone Number in France +33757050115

Region: Fr flag-CA

From Received Message
Huawei 15 minutes ago a changé STOP 36047
Huawei 15 minutes ago Le code de paiement du Compte HUAWEI (carlyetrasterknd.n.6****@gmai
TINDER 28 minutes ago <#> Votre code Tinder est 705570 dwEzWOx6XSV
WinMaChance 39 minutes ago There's a SURPRISE waiting for you! For a limited time, get 20 FREE CHIPS! Are you ready to rumble? Hurry before the promo ends!
HUAWEI 59 minutes ago 487049 - Code de vérification Huawei.
eBay 1 hour ago eBay: Your security code is 667055. It expires in 15 minutes. Do not share this code.
38102 2 hours ago Your Apple ID Code is: 233823. Don't share it with anyone.
38689 2 hours ago Le code de votre identifiant Apple est : 894808. Ne le partagez avec personne.
36173 2 hours ago <#> Your code is 5051. NEVER share this with anyone. Careem will never call and ask for this code, don't give it to anyone. O4vqIudmVBv STOP au 36173
Winner 3 hours ago Codul de acces este 6341
Kard 3 hours ago Votre code d'activation Google Pay est 991910. Pour ajouter votre carte Kard 5097 à Google Pay, veuillez entrer ce code dans les 30 minutes.
TINDER 3 hours ago Your Tinder code is 246729 Don't share #246729